The Centre for Inclusive Governance, Peace, and Justice (CIGPJ) is a not-for-profit, non-partisan national non-governmental organization founded by South Sudanese nationals who aspire for a peaceful, prosperous, just, and inclusive society where women, youth, and other vulnerable groups are concerned. It has been registered in South Sudan since 2017. It is founded to promote civic engagement and inclusivity in promoting peace, accountable governance, reforms, development, and political and democratic processes. CIGPJ strives for a society that upholds the principles of inclusivity, equity, democracy, accountability, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence. The CIGPJ envisions itself as championing justice, human rights, peaceful coexistence, reconciliation, tolerance, equality, citizen engagement, information dissemination, and promotion of the rule of law and accountability. The CIGPJ has its head office in Juba and field offices in Bor and Yei. It is a member of the Transitional Justice Working Group (TJWG), the South Sudan Women’s Coalition for Peace, the South Sudan Civil Society Forum (SSCSF), and the Law Society of South Sudan (SSLS), local networks working for justice, peace, and democratic processes.

CIGPJ conducted a number of activities in Bor and Bor POC, Juba, Yei, Mundri, Kapoeta, and Malakal POC, bringing together CSOs, actors, women leaders, youth, faith-based leaders, persons with disabilities, survivors of human rights violations, traditional authorities, local authorities, and academia. With its grounded community-based approaches, CIGPJ supported local CSOs and leaders in establishing the local networks, including the Greater Jonglei Transitional Justice Working Group, the Women’s Dialogue on Transitional Justice, and the Yei Peace and Transitional Justice Forum, all working to promote sustainable peace, citizen participation in decision-making, reconciliation, human rights, and justice. One of CIGPJ’s strengths is promoting women’s inclusion in all its activities, in governance, peace, and political processes. It also mentors members of the Young Women Leaders Forum, a group of young South Sudanese activists ages 18-35, to effectively advocate, participate, and lead in peace and political processes at all levels and carries out gender analysis of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ACRSS), security laws, governance laws, and research on gender issues, women peace and security, and women peacebuilding in Africa in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin in the USA and the Women International Peace Centre (WIPC) in Uganda. CIGPJ also held successful public debates on transitional justice and peace building in partnership with the University of Juba Institute of Peace and Development Studies; Dr. John Garang Memorial University, and carried out gender analysis of security and governance laws, policy updates on peace and political processes, capacity building workshops, awareness raising, community dialogues, and public forums; and regional and international advocacy on human rights with the African Union Commission on Human and Peoples Rights, the African Union Commission, the United States National Security Council, and international partners.

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