Strategic Engagement Approaches:

CIGPJ has developed a diverse yet inclusive and participatory approach aimed at putting beneficiaries at the center of project implementation, promoting continuous learning focusing on civic engagement and participation in transitional justice, women’s and youth empowerment, promoting women’s rights, access to justice, and reducing the impacts of SGBV and CRSV by leveraging on six implementation approaches, including:

CIGPJ networks with other CSOs and platforms that promote women’s rights and SGBV prevention. The survivor-centered approach is a mechanism adopted to empower the survivor by prioritizing her rights, needs, and wishes 1 through 10 have access to appropriate, accessible, and good-quality services.

  • Health care
  • Psychological and social support
  • Security
  • Legal services (UNFPA, 2012).

This is a survivor engagement approach that prioritizes listening, avoids re-traumatization, and systematically focuses on their safety, rights, well-being, expressed needs, and choices. It is based on the do no harm approach to increase confidence and trust among survivors for the program.

This is an action research mechanism adopted to monitor procedures for administration and delivery of justice to survivors and victims of SGBV and conflict-related sexual violence The process involves documentation of court proceedings, to determine the effectiveness of the process and provide legal support to identified

With support from development partners such as Civil Rights Defenders, Care International, and Women International Peace Center, CIGPJ has built internal capacities in monitoring and evaluation, financial management, and program development. As a key strategy towards systems development, CIGPJ has developed a team of skilled and experienced personnel to support program management, development, and resource mobilization.

CIGPJ has invested time in developing supportive networks such as survivors’ networks and community counselors to address SGBV stigma, and has worked with grass-roots women and youth groups and women-led organizations to implement activities. CIGPJ is engaged in regional and international advocacy on legislation and accountability for SGBV and CRSV abuses, including at the UNSC and AUPSC. It worked along with trained community counselors from the grassroots and with social workers at the State Ministry of Gender, Child, and Social Welfare in addressing stigma around SGBV.

CIGPJ has developed training materials for promoting women’s rights and SGBV, such as the Advocacy Toolkit on Rights of Women and Girls, entitled ‘Women Rights are Human Rights’,” the Gender Analysis of the Peace Agreement, a pictorial, and Trainers on Transitional Justice.

Project outputs

Through the implementation of multi-sector projects focusing on promoting women's and girl child's rights, promoting women's leadership, raising awareness of GBV and SGBV, and fostering community engagement and transitional justice processes, directly and indirectly.

CIGPJ has identified more than 85 000 beneficiaries

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