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Peace Building, Transitional Justice and CTRH

The organization has inspired a strong political will manifested in the participation of government leaders. Through the civic engagement approach, a number of gender champions and survivors have been empowered to advocate for women rights.

For instance, in May 2022, CIGPJ conducted consultation on CTRH legislation with the survivors of conflict related sexual violence (CRSV) at Sejja Guest House in Yei.

Miss. Jackeline Nasiwa moderating the session with the participants on the legislation for establishment of the CTRH.

The consultation attracted 22 participants, 20 women and 2 men to document survivors’ opinion on the establishment of the CTRH laws and share those views with the TC-CTRH members.  Participants made consensus and agreed that there be 7 Commissioners to the CTRH (4 South Sudanese including at least 2 women and the remaining 3 to be non-South Sudanese nationals at least one will be a woman) Our programs have created hope and  sense of self among survivors. Through the victims centered approach, CIGPJ profiled 180 victims of gross human rights violations ranging for sexual violence and rape, torture, killing, injuries, loss of property and enforced disappearances. Through the referral pathways CIGPJ supported 4 women to receive medical treatment and counselling services at the Yei Civil Hospital and Bakhita health center respectively for over 6 months. Mrs. Jackline Jendia, a 36 years old local business woman in Yei who one of the victims of car ambush in September 2020 when their convey came under attacked by armed force and suffered a born fracture and was support from CIGPJ narrated that:

‘I am a mother of 3 children who all depended on me. My husband chased me out of his house following the incident… I had no support from my family. While at the hospital I was asked to pay for some drugs and I had no money to pay…I was disturbed and wanted to commit suicide at that time because I could not get treatment without paying. I felt my world was ending but I was relieved when CIGPJ came to my rescue and provided the medical support and counseling. I thought I could not walk again but now I am able to walk, heal from the trauma counselling and have started my business again.

Currently Mrs. Jackline Jendia is a member of CIGPJ survivor supported group helping other members facing similar issues in the community.

Together with other beneficiaries of the CIGPJ referral pathway program believe that CIGPJ is like her family now!

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